• Animation
    Our goal of focus is to strengthen communication skills, basic storytelling, 2D concept into 3D design, the discipline needed to avoid the resistance to be creative and the importance of setting goals and reaching milestones.


  • Multimedia Design
    We will help our youth to convey their message on a multimedia platform.


  • Creative consultations
    We will advise our youth how to develop their creative ideas.


  • Constructive feedback
    We will dissect our youths projects, then provide them with information that can enhance them as they move forward towards their creative goals.


  • Creative relationship building
    We will encourage our youth to build a circle of positive relationships that will support them on their creative journey, and the importance of networking.


  • Community building and cross cultural diplomacy
    For the benefit of our youth and their creative opportunities social events will be held Q&A with a panel of professionals in honor of the youth of C.E.O.


  • Tools that will help youth beats the odds
    By providing proper guidance we will encourage our youth to keep pushing forward, even when it seems like life is standing still.


  • Imagination and  Technology
    With the use of technology we will collaborate with our youth in the processes that are required to inspire innovation to opening their mind towards creative problem solving.


  • Redesign the minds
    During this session we will spend time with our youth to understand them as an individual and guide them in a direction that will allow them to feel peaceful within their mind and to overcome barriers in their day to day life.


  • Math, science, technology, literature and art research
    Our goal is to help our youth to understand how these subjects play an important part of our mental development as we grow from childhood to adulthood.


  • Basic computer training
    Our goal is to make sure youth in our program can send and receive proper emails and use the search engines to research reference materials.


  • Advanced focus training

       We will work one on one with our youth and challenge them to think critically about how their choices will affect their behavior and the environment around them.

  • Resources
    We will help our youth to gain access to those resources that are available if the resources are not available we will guide our youth to find the answers to the resources needed.

  • How to eBooks
    Our eBooks will be available in various creative subjects. They will cover basic steps to help you move towards your creative goal.


  • Literature and the power of words
    We will encourage our youth to think about the words they use thru conversation and debate.

  • Encouragement and team building
    Using peer-to-peer communication we will help our youth understand the difference between compromise and collaboration and the importance of setting goals and reaching milestones.


  • Meet and greets with Artist
    An organized event during which well-known figures within the community meets and talks with the youth and provide inspiration to reach their goals.


  • Internship programs

       We will help our youth to emerge into the creative community of their choice.

  • Mentorship
    Helping youth to understand how to be self-starters and reach their creative goals.



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One on One or Group setting learn the skill needed to Create your Vision and tell your Story!

Sign up for our Newsletters to keep in touch.http://eepurl.com/dikBbz